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Fee Structure

School fees 

As it is a Govt. Aided School, the  annual school fees are very nominal.

Hostel Fees

During admission, following will be needed:-

a) Admission fees Rs.  300
b) Monthly boarding fees  Rs. 1700
c) Caution Money     Rs. 1000
d) Development fees   Rs.   500
e) Medicine expenses    Rs.   200
f) Pocket Money     Rs.   200
Total    Rs.  3900

Monthly Expenses:-

a) Monthly Boarding fees Rs. 1700
b) Pocket Money   Rs.   100
c) Dance & Aerobics (compulsory) Rs.     35
d) Drawing (optional) Rs.     35
e) Music (optional)    Rs.     55

1. The monthly expenses will have to be submitted by 20th of each month. Otherwise, late fees of Rs. 50 will have to be paid. The pocket money of Rs. 100 must be submitted, along with other monthly expenses.

2. Guardians are requested to be aware and responsible regarding submission of fees. They will receive a written statement of expense, from the teacher-in-charge. Any complain regarding the matter can only be placed to the superintendent. If any guardian wishes, expenses for a year can be paid in advance.

3. Submission of Fees – Day & Rules:-

         a)    Every alternate Saturday – the guardian can meet the students and pay the fees on that day or on all Sundays. The fees need to be submitted to the  teacher- in-charge and a receipt will be provided against the payment.

         b)   Weekdays -
                i.    Morning - 8:30 am to 10 pm (at Hostel premises)

                ii.    Evening – 4:30 pm to 7 pm (at Hostel premises)
Guardians should be especially aware that full fees have to be paid, even if during summer vacation or Puja holidays or for any other reason, the student does not stay in the hostel. Unless the due fee is paid fully, the student will not   be allowed to take examination.

5. Students of class X & XII, will have to pay hostel fees and other expenses, till the time of the Test examination (December). They can stay in the hostel and continue studying, even afterwards. They have to leave hostel, after they have taken their final examination.

6. It is the discretion of the superintendent, to appoint tutors for the students. The tuition fees for the entire year will have to be paid - for the period when the tutor is first appointed till the final exam. In the events of the student’s absence in the hostel and/or school vacation, no amount can be deducted. If guardians have any objection regarding this rule, school authority will not take the responsibility of appointing tutors.
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