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The impact of Brahmo Movement in the 19th century brought a great momentum in our society. The movement spread in the different sections of the society and the position of the women became a concern of the leaders. They decided to take necessary steps to educate the girls particularly the girls of the Brahmo families.  

On 16th May, 1890, a school was started at 13 Cornwallis Street. In the first enrollment, the number of students was only 15. At the time of foundation of the school Acharya Shibnath Shastri, Dwarkanath Gangopadhaya, Upendra Kishor Roy Chowdhuri, Ananda Mohan Basu, Herombo Chandra Moitro and Umesh Chandra Dutta played an active role. Srimati Kadambini Basu, the first lady graduate in the whole British Empire, was also connected with this school. The school got affiliation under the Calcutta University syllabus and we find the name of this school in the University calendar of 1893 as a successful institution.

The mottos engraved in the emblem of the school are three: Shradha, Tapasha and Sevaya. In the beginning, the lower section was running as a co-education school and in course of time, the girls from the Hindu families also got the chance to get admitted here. To avoid the educational endeavors of the students and the problem of distance from the home to school, it was decided from the very beginning that a hostel for the girls should be founded and it started since the inception of the school. In the beginning, there were only six boarders. But the figure increased in course of time. Along with the syllabus of the University,   the secretary Lady Abola Basu introduced Hygiene, Home Science, Embroidery etc as subjects of teaching. Lady Basu wanted to develop a total education for the girls.

The school started initially at Cornwallis Street and then it was shifted to a rented house at Mirzapur Street. Lastly in 1906, the school got its permanent address at 294, A.P.C. Road. Kolkata - 700009. The school building was constructed through the Governmental grants and personal donations.  Though this school was founded by the Brahmos but the school preaches respect and broadness of mind to all religious beliefs for which the school has become a centre of unity among different. Under the able leadership of the principal Srimati Probha Roy the school made progress through the road of success.  After Srimati Roy, Srimati Nalini Raha, Srimati Mayalata Some also successfully led the school.      

During the turbulent days of Second World War when Calcutta was the target of Japanese bombing, the school was temporarily shifted to Madhupur from 1942 to 1946. The certification of this school must be remembered for the enlightenment of the women of the 20th century. In the field of literature, theatre, dance etc Srimati Rama Chowdhury, Nalini Das, Bani Ray, Dipti Tripathi, Joya Mitra, Shahana Devi, Chandrabati Devi, Keya Chakraborty, Urmimala Basu and many more.    

On the whole, Sadharan Brahmo Samaj that founded this institution for women education helped and is still helping for the total emancipation of the women. The dream of the founders of Brahmo Balika Shikshalaya has come true. We hope that the Brahmo Balika Shikshalaya will progress and continue its advancement in learning of the students in the days to come.

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