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Rules & Regulation




Students are not allowed to enter the school premises after 11 am.
Attending the prayer is a must. Late comers must also join the prayer from the late-comers' line.
Parents must mention the reason of any leave for more than 1 day in the student diary. Absence of more than 5 days need a separate application with the certificate from the doctor.
Student should express their grievances to the class teacher or in her absence, to the assistant head mistress. Loitering outside the Teachers' common room is strictly prohibited. 
Students can't move around outside their respective classes after the tiffin period.
Students must keep their school premise clean.
Students should switch off the light and fan while leaving the class.
At least 70% attendance is necessary to sit for the annual examination.
Minimum eligibility age of a student is 8 years, for availing the hostel facility.
Guardians are requested to consider the psychological implication & take the decision of enrolling a student in the hostel facility. It is not advisable to force a student to stay in the hostel, against her wishes.
After getting admitted to the hostel, if the hostel facility is forsaken, the student will also have to leave the school. For special cases, as deemed by the school authority, transfer certificate will be provided. If the facility is forsaken prior to 2 years, the caution money will not be returned.
School authorities will have to be informed, if the student is suffering from any chronic disease. Doctor’s certificate will need to be provided, in that case.
The student’s local guardian has to be a responsible person and a resident of Kolkata. It will be his/her responsibility to be aware of the student’s condition and communicate with the teachers. A person below 20 years will not be eligible to be a local guardian.
In ordinary situation, guardians will not be allowed to enter hostel premises. In special situations, with the permission of the superintendent or teacher-in-charge, only women will be allowed inside the hostel premises.
The students are not allowed to keep any valuable item - like camera, tape recorder, radio, gold ornaments or cash.  
Any query regarding private tutors or financial matters, will be entertained only by the superintendent.
After getting admitted, if any student wants to leave the hostel facility after 3 months of admission, the entire year’s fees would have to be paid.
All students who will need to have a meal in the hostel, while returning from home, will need to arrive by 9 am or provide prior notification to the hostel authorities over phone.
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